Does your project correspond to the themes we favor?

  • EDUCATION: literacy projects and technical or vocational trainings
  • CONSTRUCTION: access to sustainable infrastructure and use of local resources
  • ENVIRONMENT: access to water and water treatment, innovative ideas that allow increased use of renewable energies and better waste treatment
  1. Is it developed in one of the countries where we are active? (Discover via this link where we are active) 
  2. Is your project specific and studied?
  3. It is sustainable, has it any impact on the development of your action and does it benefit a community?
  4. BESIX Foundation does not support individual requests. Projects must be apolitical and non-confessional.

If your project meets these criteria, please send us this application form, which you can download here and send it to us by mail at

The Selection Committee meets 5 times a year and requests are studied as and when they are received and in line with our selection criteria.