We have developed three in-house projects.


Some of our people work far from home, spending a non-negligible part of their salary on telephone calls. To cope with this situation, BESIX Foundation decided to create a basic computer course to allow them to save on their phone bills and at the same time to discover the vast world of the internet.

Does their work on building sites require such skills? Not at all, but just imagine what basic computer skills can add to their private lives… Instead of spending a large part of their salary on telephone communication, they can exchange e-mails, photos or even speak directly to members of their family for free!

Priority deliberately goes to those who would never have had the chance to benefit from such training.

Since 2017, they all have smartphones and Wi-Fi is being installed in all our locations. The Right 2 Learn trainings are updated accordingly to this new reality.


In 2018, through a partnership with the Smart Life Foundation, we launched a spoken English course. The demand is huge and some workers are making remarkable progress.

Since 2012, 980 workers have been trained.


During a day on our sites, KiddyBuild allows underprivileged children from the 5th and 6th years of primary school to discover the various building professions.

Their teachers are thrilled by such an initiative, as they know that their children lack examples that could motivate them to pursue their studies in one direction or another.

This day helps the children to discover their strengths, their desires, and to trust their potential.

Enthusiastic collaborators guided them and by the end of the day, all the children wanted to be either crane operators, welders, electricians, engineers, architects or Health and Safety officers!

To mark our 10th anniversary, we created a board game.


Since 2014, we have welcomed 36 schools, 101 classes, teachers, and about 2500 students at our Belgian sites in Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Verviers, Liège and Herent.

Thank you to TADA who inspired us to create this beautiful project.

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TeachBuild is aimed at teachers of lower secondary level, whether they are in technical or general education.

Construction technologies are constantly evolving. New techniques and sustainable options are emerging regularly. A TeachBuild day will allow some teachers to discover a multifaceted field in order to better guide their students and others to become aware of the evolution of the construction sector.

Site visits, discovery of practical technical exercises, the day allows everyone to enrich their knowledge and therefore their educational transmissions.


After the first successful and exciting TeachBuild days, we are waiting for the health restrictions currently in force to be lifted before organising new ones.