Why a Foundation?

BESIX Foundation is a private foundation set up by the Belgian building group BESIX in celebration of its 100th anniversary and operates since 2009.

BESIX Foundation focuses on three themes: Education – Construction – Environment.

BESIX Foundation financially supports associations active in countries where the Group is active and has also created three projects: Right2Learn, TeachBuild & KiddyBuild.

The foundation reflects BESIX Group’s values:

  • Excellence by strengthening the Group’s philanthropic action
  • Co-creation by creating own projects where the Group’s collaborators are the driving force
  • Respect for the communities in which the Group operates
  • Passion in sharing that of the project leaders
  • Unity by strengthening team spirit through solidarity days.

In a world where interest for values and sustainability is growing, our Foundation offers a unique opportunity to materialize solidarity initiatives.
The Foundation’s great achievements give all BESIX Group collaborators a growing feeling of pride, but also of responsibility. I am confident they will continuously energize our Foundation and make it sustainable to further address the increasing demand for support and volunteering. Long live the Foundation!

Frédéric de SchrevelGeneral Council and CSR Manager BESIX Group.

Key figures

since 2009:

projects funded
K volunteers
K beneficiaries
€ Mio donated to associations
projects: “KiddyBuild” “TeachBuild” “Right2Learn” & "BESIX CleanUp"

Our governance

Board of directors

The Board is made up of BESIX Group representatives as well as external members.

Meetings are organized twice a year to define the strategy of the Foundation.

Chairman Frédéric de Schrevel, BESIX Group
Directors Geert Aelbrecht, BESIX Group
Hans Beerlandt, BESIX Group
Henri-Marc Fivet, Constructiv
Katrien Goossens, Porticus
Jules Janssen, BESIX Group
Jef Lembrechts, BESIX Group
Jean Mossoux, ICHEC PME

The Board of Directors delegates the daily management of the Foundation to his Executive Officer and the selection of the supported projects to a Selection Committee.

Executive Officer:   Donatienne de Spirlet

Selection committee

To make a thoughtful consistent and genuine choice, the Selection Committee is made up of 12 members coming from the different entities of the Group.

Members Adrien Dumont, Franki Foundations
Frédéric Berthe, Socogetra
Isabelle Liefferinckx, BESIX RED
Jean-Baptiste de Ghellinck, BESIX International
Kirsten Willems, BESIX Infra
Luc Maertens, BESIX Group
Marie Goffinet, BESIX
Marina Geeroms, BESIX
Mark Geussens, HBS
Patrick Delperdange, BESIX
Yves Dawans, BESIX Group

As a Board member of the Foundation since 2014, I have the privilege to witness the unique way of how BESIX Group is encouraging its employees and contractors to volunteer in a variety of projects in the three main themes of the foundation: Education, Building and Environment, all fundamental in the process of building a better world.

It is impressive to see how multicultural teams are pulling resources together to help achieve the mission of the foundation. The professionalism of the small team and the commitment of the many volunteers is heartwarming.

Katrien GoossensPorticus Foundation