Toekomst  ATELIER de l’Avenir (TADA) is a school for the weekend.

Since 2013, hundreds of young people from underprivileged neighborhoods in Brussels have been going there every Saturday of the school year for three years. These young people realize their potential and are open to the world through practical workshops given by passionate professionals: journalists, lawyers, nurses, engineers, chefs …

The main goal of TADA is to motivate these teenagers to participate in life and to approach society and the world of work with confidence. TADA arms these young people against a lack of motivation and its negative effects (early school leaving, crime, unemployment or radicalization).

The goal of TADA is to support 1,500 families by 2020.

In 2018, there are four TADA offshoots: in Sint-Joost and Anderlecht Cureghem, and there are about 600 young people taking part in weekly activities and 280 who are part of a network of alumni created at the end of their journey.

TADA inspired our BESIX KiddyBuild, so that in four years more than 25 schools, 67 classes / teachers and 1300 students could come to our construction sites in Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent and Herent.

Our action:

BESIX Foundation has been financing the development of TADA since 2013, and until 2020, and BESIX volunteers give lessons during construction workshops 4 Saturdays a year.

What an enriching Saturday we spent with these 50 students from TADA .... All in such a spontaneous way, Hope that TADA will reach many children in other neighborhoods. I will definitely go back as a volunteer and encourage you to try the experience.

Isabelle Van AsbroeckBESIX Real Estate Development

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