This center looks after some 40 young people between the ages of 4 and 30 years, of multiple nationalities and suffering from developmental disabilities.

Manzil develops an adapted pedagogy allowing them to continue their studies to the best of their abilities. The center itself employs some people having slight handicaps.

Our action:

In 2011, one of our colleagues visited the center and made an audit of the building. Our teams organized the follow up with the different corporation. Six Construct has been able to execute the renovation in record time and their own teams made part of the custom furniture to their client’s specifications.

In 2017, a group of Manzil’s children visited our sites. They transformed the recovered waste into works of Art with the help of forty colleagues. The project ended with an auction held in Dubai where 12 items were sold.

To put our professional expertise to projects funded by the foundation is a great experience that benefits both the organization and the colleagues involved.

Bruno MendiauxSix Construct

... The creativity of the students of the Manzil special needs school was endless…The kids taught us how you can create value out of each small piece, if you just mix it with your infinite imagination.

Johannes AnrijsSix Construct

… The diversity and uniqueness in this project instantly caught my interest and I was eager to be part of it as a volunteer…. I enjoyed each and every moment of this project; there was creativity, environmental sides, recycling, fun and many other positive aspects which will always remain as good memories…

Nisha SonySix Construct

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