Being disabled is not a job!

Farilu opened its doors in Watermael-Boitsfort in 2011.
This unusual bakery was created by JEST.

15 young people between the ages of 22 and 35 years are learning the bakery and organic patisserie under the benevolent supervision of Marianne and Raymonde.

Do not hesitate to swing by the rue de Garenne to discover their produce and to place an order!

In 2021, a housing project will see the light, still under JEST’s  dynamic wings.

Our action:

In 2010, BESIX Foundation financed part of the work and one of our colleagues took care of the follow-up of the building site and we held a Solidarity Day to renovate the staircase. In 2013, we financed the creation of a green roof and an orchard.
We’ve been ordering, inter alia, our St. Nicholas treats with them for our various subsidiaries since 2014.

Some projects attract you instantly. JEST Farilu is one of them. In short, it’s a project on a human scale. It’s very dynamic (the way BESIX Foundation likes them) that will bring wealth and wellbeing to the 15 future pastry chefs and bakers as well as to the whole neighborhood. Can’t wait to go and taste!

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