Staff Award 2022

Every other year, as BESIX Group employees, you are called upon to choose your favorite project from among the actions supported by BESIX Foundation over the last two years. The selected project will win a check of 10 000 €.

Discover below the 9 competing projects:


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Which of the following project do you like the most  ?The project with the most votes will receive a 10 000 euros check.

More details about the projects :

Cavoequiva created by a former homeless man, shelters 90 street girls each year in Abidjan and also organises courses for 150 girls. The association tries to organise a return to the family when possible, but about 40 girls stay officially under the care of the association.
BESIX Foundation has financed the extension on the top floor of the building to increase the capacity of the association and to sustain its building.

Communa has hosted more than 100 social projects in unoccupied buildings in Brussels.
Today the association has become more professional and manages 10 locations in Brussels. Communa works in a network and cooperates with several municipalities for the development of sustainable projects in their neighborhoods.

BESIX Foundation has financed the development of a shelter for single mothers in Forest.

Compot is a project created by VZW Stappen and VZW Lejo, two associations active in the field of youth work, which welcomes about 100 school dropouts per year in Ghent. The youngsters participate in different activities, either in the renovation of buildings, or in connection with nature or others, in order to rebuild a life project. Compot also welcomes other groups to its site on different occasions to better integrate the project and the young people in different environments.
BESIX Foundation has financed various renovation works.

De Kompanie is a young association created by concerned parents that organises daytime activities for disabled people. In 2019, the association started the construction of a building in Mortsel which currently accommodates 30 disabled adults and welcomes 8 others in day activities.
BESIX Foundation financed the construction of an outdoor shelter.

Grand Tour school provides a specific type of primary education for 35 children.
Having started its activity in a basic house, the school decided to expand to better accommodate the children.

BESIX Foundation financed the rainwater harvesting system of the new building.

Elk Kind Telt supports the education of 300 underprivileged teenagers in Antwerp. Developped by Armen Te Kort, this new project is based on their ‘buddy’ model. Volunteers follow the youngster for 6 years, during secondary school. A general support to the child and family to ensure optimal motivation to prepare for life in the real world.
BESIX Foundation finances the development of this new and promising project.


PAG-ASA supports 200 victims of human trafficking per year in Belgium. Trafficking is not only about prostitution and PAG-ASA has succeeded in creating a partnership with the police and the justice system which results in a decrease of violence. PAG-ASA is also working to raise awareness among professionals to detect victims more quickly, especially since thousands of people are still concerned today.
BESIX Foundation has financed the creation of new shelters.

Racynes has developed many projects, among which the reintegration of young disadvantaged adults in Haccourt. The association also does socio-professional reintegration, manages an animation farm, welcomes young people who have dropped out of school and has developed springboard housing.
BESIX Foundation has financed a ‘tiny house’ for emergency accommodation.

Ras El Hanout is a theater association from Molenbeek that promotes a citizenship committed to solidarity and cultural encounters. The association supervises 300 participants per year and has already created 65 shows, having reached nearly 50,000 spectators.
Ras El Hanout shares its location with TYN, another association which trains and accompanies young people.

BESIX Foundation has financed renovation works.