Staff Award 2020

As every two years, you, as BESIX Group employees, are called upon to choose your favourite project from among the actions supported by BESIX Foundation over the last two years.

Discover below the 9 projects competing.


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Which of the following project do you like the most  ?The project with the most votes will receive a 10 000 euros check.

More about the projects  :


Stappen vzw helps girls between 14 and 25 years of age who have been placed by the youth judge. The association has developed a new project in Doornzele: COMPOT. Here they welcome about 100 young girls and boys who have dropped out of school and, with the help of volunteers, encourage them to write a new life project.
BESIX Foundation financed part of the renovations needed in this former monastery. Compot is a place that exudes a truly positive and inclusive spirit.


Born more than 25 years ago from the friendship between a Belgian and a Rwandan refugee in Belgium, Convivium is a pluralist, non-political and non-confessional movement, whose mission is to promote the reception, listening and integration of refugees or asylum seekers in Belgium. Several thousands of people are helped each year by Convivium.
BESIX Foundation has financed various projects of this incredibly developing association.

Des Racines pour Grandir

Des Racines pour Grandir gives several thousand of young people between 10 and 15 years old and their teachers the opportunity to discover the different geographical origins of their family over time and generations, to retrace their own history, to become “Passers” of History and finally, to discover that if their trees bloom under the Belgian sky, their roots plunge under various continents.
This project developed by a former teacher allows the school to create a link with families who are often very far away and to create strong links between children. Several foreign countries have already asked for adaptations of the project for their own school system.
BESIX Foundation has supported the development of the project in new classes.

Duik de Noordzee Schoon

The many volunteers of this association collect the waste that is at the bottom of the North Sea, mainly fishing nets. These nets lost by fishermen represent a great danger for marine life as many species get caught in a death trap. In recent years, Duik de Noordzee Schoon has collected and partially recycled more than 40 tons of waste.
BESIX Foundation has financed several expeditions.


IRIE (Intercultural Resources for International Evolution) supports, through education, health and the creation of local jobs, the sustainable development of a very remote region in the south of Cameroon.
BESIX Foundation has financed the construction of sanitary blocks for the new boarding school which will eventually accommodate about a hundred children.

Infirmiers de rue

The men and women who live and sleep on our streets often combine mental and physical problems. In general, their contact with medical and social services is completely cut off. It is with this group of people that Infirmiers de rue  (street nurses) works, created 15 years ago by 2 young nurses. Their approach quickly proved its worth as this non-profit organisation has already put back into housing and on the move more than 140 homeless people who had been living on the streets for many years and has recreated links with hundreds of others.
BESIX Foundation has financed the construction of sustainable housing that will enable new homeless people to get off the streets.

Les Ateliers du Soleil

Les Ateliers du Soleil cater to both children and adult audiences. A mixed audience made up of people from working-class backgrounds and some who have recently arrived in Belgium. Every year, more than 300 adults benefit from the language courses given every day of the week. Thousands of teenagers participate in the homework school and creative workshops.
BESIX Foundation has participated in the financing of various projects within this association, which successfully mixes more than 60 nationalities and supports them for better integration.


After a trip to Madagascar and struck by the youth and poverty of the population (50% are under 18 years old, 26% of young people are not in school at all), four friends decided to create MadaQuatre. In 10 years, the association has developed, around a community centre which manages a chicken coop and market gardening, 2 primary schools and a bush college which today welcome more than 400 children in the Morondava region.
BESIX Foundation financed the construction of two new classrooms.

Young Water Solutions

Young Water Solutions supports young local social entrepreneurs who want to contribute to a better environment and quality of life in developing countries. Young people between the ages of 18 and 30, who develop innovative projects, simple or more complex, that provide solutions to water supply, sanitation and hygiene problems to meet the needs of their communities and the challenges of Sustainable Development. Candidate entrepreneurs are coached at all stages, from the launch to the development of the project.
BESIX Foundation financed the organization of a campaign in Ivory Coast.