An extraordinary place!

This Belgian association supports around twenty people with mental disabilities. They live on three locations and participate in different activities during the day.

The disabled people are not the only ones who need to adapt, because in this project, the company also strives to adapt to the disabled people. The association creates an important social network that supports its members and protects them from loneliness.

Integration is achieved by means of its semi-autonomous center: vegetable garden and permaculture, small breeding, artistic workshop, sewing workshop, wood workshop, reception of vacationers and campers, kitchen workshop, small shop…

In addition, the association has developed a water purification system.

Our action:

BESIX Foundation, in partnership with Be Planet, financed the renovation of the natural water purification system.

If you have the chance to go and discover the Christophorusgemeenschap, you will feel that the movie "Tomorrow" by Mélanie Laurent and Cyril Dion could also have been filmed there.

Donatienne de SpirletBESIX Foundation

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